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Rich, creamy soy milk with the pure, authentic flavour of Thailand. How does black sesame, green tea or ginseng sound? Indulge yourself in our most luxurious soy milk to date.

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Our Lactasoy Soy Milk

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Soy milk in its purest, most authentic form: freshly squeezed and without preservatives. Why change something that is perfect as it it?  

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Our Sang Sang soy milk

Discover our different flavours and sizes


100% vegan. 100% gluten-free. Yet full of flavour and high in protein. Be enchanted by our authentic Thai vegan soy snacks. Wherever and whenever you want: on the go, at home or at the office.

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Our Kenkoku soy snacks

Discover our different flavours

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Get 1L Benefitt Soy Barista

When you buy 5 items from the Lactasoy or Lactasoy GOLD assortment, you now get 1L Benefitt Soy Barista for free!

Flavour in the spotlight

Unique and exclusive

Rich and creamy soy milk with the pure flavour or genuine Japanese green tea. A match made in heaven. That’s our Lactasoy Green Tea. You have to try it to believe why we are so smitten with it.

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