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As its name suggests, Lactasoy Unsweetened combines all the good qualities of soy milk without any added sugar or other sweeteners. This makes our Lactasoy Unsweetened a favourite of anyone who wants to enjoy the pure flavour or real Thai soy milk.


9 essential amino acids

In order to make our soy milk even more wholesome, we have added 9 essential amino acids. These are building blocks that help our muscles develop and recover but that are not naturally produced by the human body.


The versatility of soy milk

It goes without saying that our soy milk is perfectly suited for drinking, but did you know it also goes well together with muesli, oats, coffee, tea and porridge and that you can even use it to make the most delicious pancakes, smoothies and even vegan mayonnaise?


Soy milk in Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine is traditionally associated with plantbased drinks such as soy milk, coconut water and coconut milk. As a matter of fact, soy milk has been an integral part of Thai cuisine for centuries. Not only is it consumed as a refreshing drink, it is also used to prepare the most mouth-watering dishes and desserts


Note, this product is vegetarian, but not 100% vegan.




Lactasoy Unsweetened (1L)

1 Liter
VAT Included
Out of Stock
  • Ingredients:
    soy milk (96,9%), vegetable oil [palm oil, coconut oil] (1,0%), full milk powder (2,0%), salt, stabilizer [E466]


    Nutritional value (per 100 grams):
    Energy (kJ/kcal): 199/47.5

    Fat: 3.04 grams
    ... of which saturated fat: 0.61 gram

    Carbs: 2.09 grams

    … of which sugar: 0.56 gram

    Fiber: 0.44 grams

    Protein: 2.94 grams

    Salt: 0.1 gram


    Allergens: soya & full milk powder

    Manufactured in: Thailand

    Vegan: No

    Vegetarian: Yes

    Halal: Yes


  • Delivery: 2-3 work days

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